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Omega Financial Services, Inc. is a full service, Non-Supervised, Multi State Direct Commercial and Residential Lender and Wholesaler. We originate, process, underwrite, close and fund all of our loans “in house”.

Omega Financial Services, Inc. specializes in conventional, government, purchase and refinance home loans; and offers lending in CT, PA, NJ, NY, OH and FL. It is our Business Philosophy and Strategy to provide high quality mortgage loans, at the most affordable rates, by using a wide variety and robust selection of Loan Programs. We know that great rates are not enough, so we also maintain an exceptionally high level of service. This is accomplished by maintaining a highly qualified staff of Loan Originators and Processors who believe in open lines of communication and in making themselves accessible to our clients.


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30 Year Fixed Zero Points

APR 3.61%*

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APR 2.99%*

Company NMLS # 20169